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In consideration of Iowegian International Corporation (“IOWEGIAN”) hereby agreeing to consider publishing my name and related benefits thereto and other mutual promises contained herein, I hereby grant perpetual, non-exclusive, transferrable, royalty-free and compensation-free unlimited permission to IOWEGIAN and its successors or assigns to reproduce and publish certain works (“WORKS”) copyrighted by me. Such WORKS shall consist of text, graphics, software, or other information subject to copyright protection. Such WORKS shall be submitted by me to IOWEGIAN and shall be clearly identified by me as falling within the terms of this agreement by my use of the marking “FOR FREE PUBLICATION BY IOWEGIAN” on each WORK.

My intent in granting this permission is that IOWEGIAN may use its facilities to make these works and my authorship of them widely available and known to the public. However, I agree that Iowegian is under no obligation to publish any WORKS submitted. I authorize IOWEGIAN to make editorial revisions to the WORKS for any reason whatsoever at their sole discretion and also to create and publish derived WORKS which shall likewise be covered by the terms of this agreement. I authorize IOWEGIAN to accompany publication of my WORKS with advertisements and other non-related information. I authorize IOWEGIAN to publish my name along with publication of these WORKS.

I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, publication of these WORKS by IOWEGIAN does not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party, and I indemnify and hold IOWEGIAN harmless against any such infringement and will defend IOWEGIAN against any third-party claims for such infringement.

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