dspGuru provides a wide variety of DSP information to help you master the complex domain of Digital Signal Processing, including:

  • FAQs: At last, Frequently Asked Questions about DSP meet up with Rarely Given Answers, in a friendly, tutorial format.
  • Tutorials: Primary DSP subjects made simple. See dspGuru on YouTube for our NEW video tutorial series!
  • HowTos: Here we divulge the secret “Tribal Knowledge” of DSP – stuff that experienced DSP’ers know, but isn’t in the textbooks. (Don’t tell anybody!)
  • Tricks: Algorithmic and design tricks that make your life in DSP a little easier.
  • Books: Which of a zillion DSP books should you add to your personal DSP library? To help you choose, we provide listings of DSP books organized in a wide variety of ways.
  • Links: There’s gotta be something we haven’t covered, so we provide a comprehensive set of links to other DSP resources on the Internet.
  • Reference: Handy information to refer to.
  • comp.dsp: Got questions? Usenet’s DSP newsgroup has answers.

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