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Rubber Feet, Part I

by Grant R. Griffin

Ivy wrote:
> Hi I just got AD EZ-Kit Lite today.
> Inside package, I got
> Are these all? or am i missing something?
> Ivy

I’m not sure, but if you had bought a Texas Instruments DSK and it was missing a power supply and little rubber feet on the bottom, you wouldn’t be missing anything they shouldn’t have just given you in the first place for a lousy $150 what in the heck are we paying $150 for and how much do a few stupid little rubber feet cost and why the heck do I have to make a special trip to Radio Shack and buy a darned Nintendo replacement power supply–no kidding–that’s what it said right there in the darned DSK book that I should buy which just proves right there that they knew they should have given me one because they knew the thing was absolutely useless without it although maybe it would have made a nice coaster for my coffee cup except that I don’t drink coffee not that there’s anyhing wrong with that no of course not and I don’t mind the $19 so much as the fact that I had to go and make a special trip and then find the darned Radio Shack that was nearest to where I work which I had never been to before and then I got lost but I was eventually able to find the place and the gal there was real nice but that little adventure blew half the darned working day which really wasn’t so bad when you think about it because I got to get out and get a little fresh air and the company paid me for my time anyway and they gave me back my $19 though in all honesty I ended up buying my own gas but that wasn’t much so what the heck am I griping about anyway?

Thanks, I feel better now.