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Grant’s Rants

by Grant R. Griffin

“Rants” are a bit of an art form on Usenet. Grant’s Rants are Rants I’ve inflicted on Usenet’s comp.dsp newsgroup.

Rants are written by a crazy person. Please don’t take him seriously.

Rants are just for fun. If a rant offends you, it’s probably not my fault. (Now don’t get me started on _that_…)

Beyond that, the best way I can explain rants is not to. Just experience one.

(drum roll)

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen…I give you…The Rants:

Rubber Feet

Why DSP Starter Kits don’t come with little rubber feet.

Senseless Waste of Bandwidth

Here, I finally tie up the controversial subject of whether Usenet’s “bandwidth” should be wasted.