Would you like to be a contributor to dspGuru? Here’s how:

  1. Propose something to contribute.
  2. Submit your contribution(s).
  3. Watch it get published.
  4. Become rich and famous.

1) Propose something to contribute.

Send us an e-mail outlining what you would like to submit. (See our Contact page for our e-mail address.) Please do not send us any actual submissions until your proposal has been accepted.

2) Submit your contribution

You simply submit your contribution to us via e-mail. Please note: All works published on dspGuru are subject to our license agreement.

3) Watch it get published

After receiving your contribution:

  • We will publish it in draft form on the web in a private area.We hope to publish the draft soon after it is first submitted.
  • We will send you an e-mail asking you to review it and to send back your comments. We will always publish your name with your article, but we will ask you via e-mail whether you want your name, e-mail address and web site address to appear.
  • Once you OK the draft we will publish it.
  • If comments come in from users, we’ll either field them ourselves or pass them along to you for your response. Then, we will revise the page, at our discretion.

4) Become rich and famous

Well, mostly famous. Looks great on your resume! And your article will be here helping people worldwide learn DSP for a long, long time.