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    Digital Filter Design Software

    This page lists digital filter design software tools for DSP. Tools are categorized as Commercial, Open-Source, Freeware, or Web-Based.

    Commercial Filter Design Software

    Commercial filter design software tools generally have more capabilities than their open/free counterparts, making them more productive to use.

    Matlab Clones

    Although Matlab™ has become widely used for DSP system design and simulation, Matlab has two problems: 1) it's expensive, and 2) it costs a lot. Fortunately, there are alternatives: Free Clones. Whatever else you can say about them, these Free Clones offer two significant advantages: 1) you don't have to pay for them, and 2) they're free.

    The major Matlab clones are Scilab, Octave, Rlab and SciPy. None are true "clones", because none offer 100% compatibility with Matlab's "m-files".

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